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Climate change: Wales has ‘duty’ due to coal mining history

Wales has a “particular responsibility” to help fight climate change because of its coal mining past, a leading conservationist has claimed. From BBC News reported Director of Carbon Link Ru Hartwell said the country “invented” a model of industrial development based on exploiting fossil fuels. His charity runs one of the tree-planting programmes the Welsh […]
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Calls for UK to bar Bain & Co from contracts over South Africa corruption

 According to the Guardian’s exclusive reports, Boris Johnson should bar Bain & Company from lucrative government contracts in light of a judicial commission’s findings about the management consultancy’s “despicable” role in state corruption in South Africa, Peter Hain has said  In a letter shared with the Guardian, the former Labour minister and anti-apartheid campaigner urged […]
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Addressing Climate Change A Good Start

After six years of strenuous negotiations, pending items that prevented the full implementation of the Paris Agreement on carbon markets and transparency have finally been approved. By May Zhao Deliberations under the current session of the COP, CMP and CMA came to an end last Saturday in Glasgow, one day after their scheduled conclusion. The […]
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