COP26 finance has pledged finance for Africa and other developing countries. The session will examine how annual Cop 26 finance forthcoming in 2023, could be exploited to transform old producing infrastructure into sustainable carbon free projects incorporating other channels of affordable transport networks into a green infrastructure mix for AfCFTA. It will look also at other forms of finances and partnerships, including public and private bonds, equity issues, multilateral loans, and BOT,

OUTCOME: MOU incorporating perspectives from corporations, governments, and international investors about industrial collaboration and partnerships to generate regional zero-carbon emission infrastructure to boost trade and strengthen value-chains across AfCFTA borders.

INSTITUTIONS: Public Works Departments (Maintenance and refurbishment) Ministries of Transport, Road Builders private sector, Infrastructure corporations, Contractors, Municipalities, WorldBank, national and regional road-building funds and bodies.

Cop 26 guidelines and standards, road transport infrastructure in African nations with major populations. Identifying current gaps in key road transport networks. Devising and putting in place workable maintenance strategies to sustain quality green networks and challenges surrounding the construction of infrastructure, including the availability of finance, lack of political and commercial will to pursue resources required:
• Initiating long-term plans to build and layout key national road networks.
• Impact of poor road network upon economic development and trade

IMPACT: To engage conversations between businesses and investors from and businesses AfCFTA states, the private sector, governments, international development agencies, fund managers, local road builders, and project managers about potential areas of collaborations –
building and refurbishment and devising new strategies for building and maintaining road networks in Africa. Investigating new-build roads in Africa or other comparable economies that used smart forms of resources for funding, how it was achieved stakeholders, and benefits to community and economy. Report to form part of the final communiqué which the organizers will distribute to Africa transport development agencies, World Bank, contractors, investors, governments and the public sector.


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