Oil & Gas


Identify and discuss new discoveries, green exploration and production and their impact upon communities and nations where discovered (revenues, technology, skills, opportunities, suppliers). Using them to leverage other less developed industries and create new sustainable self sufficient green economies outside capital cities.

OUTCOME: Appraisal of new discoveries in new countries and partnering opportunities for businesses including local content.

INSTITUTIONS: Energy ministries, micro projects, ICT, youth development, education, oil majors, independent oil producers, universities, national
oil producing organizations, national and regional planning commission.

• Current situation of new oil producing nations in Africa.
• New discoveries and experiences of the role of oil and gas in nation building and learning from older gas economies.
• Local and national strategies for using oil and gas as a leverage for building communities.
• Integrating the oil and gas industry into the fabric of national economy.
• Political and corporate leadership in the integration of oil and gas industry into national economy.
• Training for local content to support its contribution to the sustainability of the industry.
• Private Public People Partnerships (PPPPs) to guarantee win-win for investors, governments, and the masses.
• Changes in the global economy upon sustainability of oil and gas in emerging economies.

IMPACT: Identify current challenges that could impact upon future development of the industry and act as a bench mark for bringing value to other industries.


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