Identifying Africa’s natural resources including solar, water, wind, gas, and their exploitation to generate maximum renewable energy which could be exploited to satisfy local consumption at affordable prices; build capacity in other industry sectors, and more importantly exports to meet demands in richer developed countries like the European. Foreign earnings from renewable energy could be used to finance and build long term long term carbon free industries and generate ample opportunities for people.

OUTCOME: To identify how good planning, strategies and management resources can support and strengthen government energy plans, strategies and implementation procedures,and projects to enhance more reliable and greener energy for businesses leading to sustainable economic growth.

INSTITUTIONS: African Union, private sector involvement, investors, IPPs, Alternative Energy, Solar Biofuel, Wind among others.

• Focus upon major African economies such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.
• Clearly identify the resources and conditions required to be in place to realize new economies in power generation.
• Current versus required short, medium, and long-term needs required to keep in pace with economic growth.
• Experiences from comparative analysis and cross cultural learning from developed and developing countries.

IMPACT: Investors can identify the short – and medium -term opportunities and benefits partnering AfCFTApower sector


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