AI is approaching to Human

Artificial Intelligence has seen enormous advancements in so many different industry sectors in recent years. Chinese AI company Zige believers that AI in Education is a prime technology driver that will affect everyone and have a profound impact on future life.

Established in February 2017, Zige Education Robotics is an open AI platform with unique AI Technologies, humanized product design high quality education content, with first tier partnership and most important of all an believing and passionate team from Google DNA

Zige went through a period of rapid development and completed its first version of the educational robot Mento in 3 months. Within few months the second version of Mento was in production and was superior to the original with mature AI technology and professional educational content. Zige has designed unique robotic 3D vision, which be named Mento, It’s an artificial intelligence robot built for children aged 4-12 and it comes equipped with world’s top education and entertainment functions . It has been integrated multi-scenario, real life children’s education and entertainment, harmonising class and family at school at home. Mento creates a more-healthy and more international interactive learning experience. Mento demonstrates initiatives to start conversation, responds while listening and uses its interpretation functionality between human and robot.

Zige also see the UK as a strategically important market. Zige plans to formally launch Mento in China in November, also will launch it in the UK in 2018. Jerry Huang, CEO of Zige said his team is looking for UK universities and education consultancies to become partners in helping his team improve Mento’s performance and to localize the product for the UK. Although China’s domestic market is already huge, we eyed global growth from day one. Being able to succeed in the UK’s mature market motivates us to set the bar high, and creates a strong base for our further international expansion.

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