Our Opportunities

Learn more about the different opportunities we have to offer here at Times News and discover how we can help each other to achichive success.

Times Publications Group since 1994 has been working with its business partners to promote collaborations and partnerships between British companies doing business in overseas markets; providing them with intelligence and reports to guide them through opportunities in key infrastructure projects and industries within host nations, At the same time leading their foreign partners through infrastructure project opportunities inside the United Kingdom and the EU. Times Publications’ special industry reports are renowned for their depth and strong analyses of value and opportunities in growth industries benefiting British and European companies and their foreign partners. The Reports also offer a few selected companies an opportunity to exploit its value-adding environment to showcase their brands, images, and products and services giving them a head start over their competitors. 

Digital and eBook Titles
Following publication electronic titles and APPs are released to generate maximum impact in their targeted markets in the least possible time. They work to support customers’ products and services in their chosen markets, bringing them the latest market intelligence, news about key players, policies and international development impacting markets’ dynamics. 

Digital titles have a built in Language translation tool that can be freely accessed on a computer, Tablet, IOS, and Android. It offers superior benefits over printed titles which are often inaccessible due to language, limited supply, restrictions on distribution and price. Digital titles and eBooks also offer the benefit of tracking readers and companies who access content and business services allowing subsequent follow up to provide additional intelligence and continual services for their industries and markets. Printed titles are distributed in strategic areas inside international conferences and exhibitions at which our customers and their customers are in attendance. 

Google Intelligence 
Google Analytics allow us to empower the back end of our digital titles and project teams to gather and consolidate valuable information about specific countries, regions, and industries by using criteria such as time spent browsing specific issues, tabs, reports, advertisement etc.. 

This allows for bigger data analysis taking the interests of customers into consideration and better capabilities to offer stronger strategic guidelines and intelligence. Digital reports are a powerful guide to access the movers and shakers in markets and industries across key markets, especially in China, Africa, and Asia. They work to steer investors and other stakeholders to their target customers, partners, solutions, and goals. 

Partnering Companies 
Participating companies and digital content trade partners are included in a network business directory, where they are grouped under relevant sections together with related companies. They are then able to be accessed through the project’s search engine, Google, Bing and other search engines to generate maximum return on investments. 


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