AfCFTA Infrastructure Investors Conference

Conference Date: 4 to 6th September 2022
Place of Conference: London, England

AfCFTA Infrastructure

Investors Conference Message

Promoting Sustainability and Green Infrastructure to create Growth and
Development in AfCFTA members’ state

After what has been a truly unique and highly disruptive year for businesses of Africa caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the slowdown of international trade, and closure of national borders, the AfCFTA Infrastructure Investors Conference has returned and will seek to promote the markets and members’ state of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Cop26 Impact

With the agreements and standards from The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) fresh in our minds, the 2022 conference program will have defining content about businesses of Africa and their solutions and action designed to mitigate climate change; to make the transition from carbon based industries to sustainable renewable environmental responsible economies. Businesses of Africa have recharged following COVID19 and find themselves facing the challenges of climate change on the cusp of a global revolution requiring all companies to structure their businesses to meet responsible eco-standards from which their future profits and deals will emanate.
Businesses of Africa are now required to work together and with global corporations, to provide the change necessary to limit global warming in their markets, industries, and economies. And while political leaders will introduce laws and regulations to reduce future carbon emissions, companies are required to provide leadership to generate the processes, technology, and services to achieve sustainability

Climate Change Mitigation

The majority of companies in Africa are SMEs, and they will play a vital role tackling climate change and meeting their national governments’ carbon emission targets. Customers across Africa are becoming more aware of climate change and questioning businesses’ environmental responsibilities. And companies that are perceived to be green are likely to be given excellent ratings and generate more customers. The IV AfCFTA Infrastructure Investors Conference will promote a high-profile technology and programs and projects adopted to mitigate climate change, and discussions about environmental, social, and AfCFTA government responsibilities. Companies operating in Africa participating in the event can also outline bankable projects aligned to climate change programs and strategies incorporated into their business plans to create sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. Future trends are that companies that are sustainable and responsible to the environment regardless of their size will be given priority over others and will benefit from green investment funds, increased profit, brand recognition, and goodwill. The IV AfCFTA Infrastructure Conference will prepare businesses and corporations for this new social and industrial change.

IV AfCFTA Infrastructure Investors Conference 4 to 6 September 2022


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