Britain next generation of artificial intelligence talent to be trained at UK universities

Thousands of graduates to become qualified experts in artificial intelligence (AI) as part of a new joint government-industry package to drive up skills in the AI sector, Business Secretary Greg Clark and Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright announced last week. For the first time, the UK will have a nationwide programme of industry-funded AI Masters courses […]
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AI is approaching to Human

Artificial Intelligence has seen enormous advancements in so many different industry sectors in recent years. Chinese AI company Zige believers that AI in Education is a prime technology driver that will affect everyone and have a profound impact on future life. Established in February 2017, Zige Education Robotics is an open AI platform with unique […]
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Supporting Chinese Leaders to Achieve a Resource Efficient, Green, Inclusive and open Economy

Today, a rising tide of awareness around critical global challenges and their associated risks and opportunities is galvanising organisations into action in ways not seen before. This is catalysing real innovation and changes in the way business, governments and the finance sector operate, and in the way organizations collaborate to secure economic growth alongside social […]
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