UK Chinese associations calling to help martial arts enter the Olympics

Martial arts originated in China, now it is practiced in more than 150 countries, according to the International Wushu Federation. In the UK, it also has a strong fan base.

Martial arts is a cultural treasure created and accumulated by the Chinese nation after 5,000 years.For many years, martial arts has become a symbol of Chinese traditional culture at home and abroad. It has been widely praised and loved.

Due to various historical reasons, martial arts has not yet been included in the Olympic Games. Wushu into the Olympics is the long times dream of wish 
as a descendants of Chinese Yellow Emperor, along with the development of the times and social progress, the voice of martial arts entering into the Olympics is getting higher and stronger.

Recently the Red Cross assisted Wushu into the Olympic Fund Management Committee and the China-UK Martial Arts Association was organized “the first World Cup Wushu Routine Competition”. It has carried out 48 activities in nearly 20 countries and regions around the international communities. London was a 49th event worldwide in a series to promote Chinese kung fu entries into the 2024 Olympics.

Olympic Game as a demonstration sport event, held parallel to the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. It was the first time that the International Olympic Committee had allowed such an event. However, in these days Wushu has become more popular across many countries. Lin Cunguo, the president of China UK MAA said to media that martial arts is an important and meaningful body language, and it is also a way of communication with rich cultural connotation and cohesion. 

During this promotion period , the martial arts participation in the Olympics can be supported by many overseas Chinese groups, which fully demonstrates the power of martial arts to agglomerate all Chinese. Martial arts originated from China. As a communicator of martial arts culture, Lin emphasized “we hope to spread martial arts to the whole world. Calling for martial arts to enter the Olympics is also a well method to elevate the integration between Eastern and Western, Chinese and English culture.”

Editor: Judy Smith

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