China Britain Partnerships and Summits

CHINA BRITAIN Partnerships and Summits support the goals of British companies to cement stronger business partnerships and relations in non-EU markets. CHINA BRITAIN is spearheading British industry endeavours to strengthen and build new partnerships between UK and Chinese companies to give them a flying start in post BREXIT markets. Times Publications’ CHINA BRITAIN is supporting British businesses to acquire a new confidence, and a dynamic post BREXIT identity that will appeal to industries and governments across the world. In partnership with the China Britain Business Council, CHINA BRITAIN supports British governments and industries by engaging Chinese business partners to benefit British businesses wherever they operate. CHINA BRITAIN empowers businesses with cutting edge information, which can be used by senior decision makers to bridge gaps in business cultures, and connect new partners, and projects. CHINA BRITAIN offers a digital platform with live business news and updates from China and current opportunities in UK markets.

CHINA BRITAIN achieves its objectives through business reports compiled by international experts, excellent profiles, and showcasing of companies products and services: Also international trade, manufacturing partnerships, and joint ventures. CHINA BRITAIN also promotes business milestones, profiles of new markets and niches, and corporate developments and technologies affecting UK-Chinese partnerships. CHINA BRITAIN depth of purpose and authority is manifested in its confident editorial environment headed by renowned players and key messages from government ministers and business leaders in the UK and Chinese business communities. 

CHINA BRITAIN works with British and Chinese companies, industries, trade bodies and the government of China to further the core competencies of businesses, guiding them to new opportunities and profits. Participating companies enter into CHINA BRITAIN corporate network of decision makers to benefit from on-going responses from businesses enquiring about opportunities for collaborations in the UK and China and other non-EU markets. 

Times Publications is an established member of influential organizations, including the Confederation of British Industry, the ITU (International Telecommunications Union), UK Energy Institute and Offshore Europe. CHINA BRITAIN works with the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and international events, such as Canton Fair, CBBC China Conference, and the World Economic Forum to ensure that it impacts upon movers and shakers and the full depth of Chinese and British businesses the world over.

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