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Net zero in jeopardy unless world meets lithium and copper demands- but there’s a gap between supply and demand

The global transition to net zero carbon emissions will be in jeopardy if the world doesn’t find a way to meet the rapidly increasing demand for lithium, copper and other materials critical to the green revolution, according to a representative of the planet’s largest mining companies.  From Sky News reports The CEO of the International […]
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The rise in global inflation – the hit to living standards across the world

Analysis: From Pakistan to the US, Australia to Germany, the cost of living is rising to new highs and causing new hardships. From Guardians reports After decades lurking in the shadows, inflation is back. On Amazon, you can find fridge magnets printed with words spoken 40 years ago by Ronald Reagan, before the election that swept him into […]
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Calls for UK to bar Bain & Co from contracts over South Africa corruption

 According to the Guardian’s exclusive reports, Boris Johnson should bar Bain & Company from lucrative government contracts in light of a judicial commission’s findings about the management consultancy’s “despicable” role in state corruption in South Africa, Peter Hain has said  In a letter shared with the Guardian, the former Labour minister and anti-apartheid campaigner urged […]
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Canton Fair urged to further promote opening-up global trade and economic growth

The opening ceremony of the 130th China Import and Export Fair has kicked off in Guangzhou south China on Thursday 14th October. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended and made a speech to call on nations to uphold openness and cooperation to jointly promote economic recovery. Chinese President Xi Jinping renewed China’s pledge to work with […]
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Why Blackrock’s China ambitions have drawn fire from one of the world’s most famous investors

The asset management giant has won approval from Beijing to begin operations at its wholly-owned business in the country, but it is a debate that has pitted one of the world’s most famous investors against its most powerful. From Sky News Last week, BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager, won approval from the Chinese government […]
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