Cloud Guest

Cloud Guest means the guest from the sky. What is a cloud guest? Is it an Angel? It took a great time coming. The east is your land and the victory comes out from your land. Cloud passengers stand on this shore of reality but they always retain the freedom in the clouds. Opportunity, heaven […]
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Blue Bird

Wind and stars clean everything in the heaven, yet all eyes gaze only upon the pure blue bird as it fly in the blue of the sky. Is there any way it can get closer to human civilization? To buy this art please contact: or complete the form below
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Fish in the Green World

Fish in the Green World is a soul of the earth. The water reflects the clearness of the heavens and the earth. There are two fish in the green world and they are both spotless. Their souls of light follows the path of the “Dao” like a lamp, and all is so far and yet […]
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My Southeast River

My Southeast River highlights the beautiful environment and humanistic features of the Jiangnan water town, expressing the painter’s love of his homeland. for more information please enquire at visit the website
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