May Zhao, Letter from London

Back to 54 days ago, Boris Johnson become a UK prime minister, his numerologist figures are very interesting: 11, 33, 55, 77 and 99. At the age of 55, he became the 77th Prime Minister of Britain (the 55th of the entire UK). After officially becoming Prime Minister, he conducted a major cabinet reshuffle, the number of people moved was 33. Boris Johnson then announced that Brexit will happen regardless by the beginning of November, which at the time was in 99 days.

Thus, November being the 11th month, 33 cabinet members are being reshuffled, 55 years of age, the 77th Prime Minister and 99 days till Brexit. These aren’t just double numbers or all odd numbers but all are also double odd numbers which are an unusual set of numbers.

However from now on, it has being less than 50 days for the Brexit deadline on 31st October. After MPs rejected bill of no deal Brexit, no early election. What will be PM’s next action?

He will travel to Luxembourg on Monday, to meet with President of European Commission Jean Claude Juncker for the first time in an attempt to break the Brexit impasse

The prime minister is expected to tell the commission president: “We’re leaving on 31 October, come what may – so let’s work hard to get a deal in the time remaining. Some MPs have been peddling a myth that I am not serious about getting a deal. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am striving for a deal and I think we can achieve this. I will commit UK officials and my lead negotiator to work flat out to come up with a new agreement without being trapped into EU laws.”

“When I got this job everybody was saying there can be absolutely no change to the Withdrawal Agreement, the backstop was immutable, the arrangements by which the UK was kept locked in to the EU forever – they said no-one could change that.” PM Johnson said to media

Ahead of the trip, Mr Johnson insisted: “Don’t be fooled by [Labour leader Jeremy] Corbyn and the ringleaders. On the one hand, they say I don’t want a deal.

“On the other, they want to force me to extend. Both are wrong. I am straining to get a deal, but I will also end the uncertainty and take us out on the October 31.”

He is expected to add: “There should be no doubt about my determination to take us out on 31 October. I will not ask for an extension. I absolutely believe that our friends in Europe want an orderly exit, so now is the time for serious talks.”

A No 10 source said there was no chance of the prime minister going cap in hand to the EU summit in mid- October. “The PM will not negotiate a delay at the Brussels council,” the source said, before suggesting there could be legal challenges.

Therefore 31 and 10 are becoming key numerologist figures for PM, but it’s not only for him and for Briton as well, due to it’s unpredictable. There is so much to be expected and what could be happen by then. Let us wait and see.

Editor: Judy Smith