125th Canton Fair started from 15 April and ends on 5 May 2019

The 125th of the Canton Fair has ended up on 5th May 2019. Mr. Xu Bing, Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson of the Canton Fair told media that fair was carried out smoothly. Specifically we’ve made achievements in stabilizing the size, improving the quality and shifting the growth source of foreign trade.

Xu introduced that attendance of the buyer to 125th Canton Fair totaled 195,454 from 213 countries (regions), a decline of 3.88% over the 123rd session.

In terms of buyer from all the continents, from Asia totaled 110,172, taking up 56.37% of the total; Europe 33,075, accounting for 16.92%; Americas 31,143, accounting for 15.93%; Africa 14,492 with 7.67% share, and Oceania 6,072 with 3.11% share.

The precipitated buyers’ attendance from China’s top 10 trading partner countries and regions in 2018 accounted for 64% of the total, 2.56 percentage points higher over the same period of last year. The number of buyers from “Belt and Road” countries stood at 88009, accounting for 45.03% of the total.

Buyer attendance of the top 20 countries and regions accounted for 61.44% of the total, 0.44 percentage points higher over the last year. The top 10 countries and regions in terms of buyer attendance are Hong Kong, India, the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan Province, Japan and Australia.

101 out of the Top 250 Global Retailers in 2019 attended the Fair. Among them were 5 of the Top 10 retailers: Wal-Mart, Costco, Schwartz, Amazon, and Aldi. Leading companies of various sectors sent professionals to source as usual. The number of buyers sent by headquarters of multinational companies remained stable. Total numbers of attendances were 47588

The accumulated export transaction of this session totaled 199.524 billion RMB Yuan (or 29.73 billion US dollars), a decrease of 1.1% over the 123rd session.

Machinery and electrical products contributed to the highest transaction of 16.03 billion USD, accounting for 53.9%; transaction volume of light industrial products stood at 7.61 billion USD, accounting for 25.6% of the total; textile and garment 1.62 billion USD, accounting for 5.4%.

The transaction volume in brand zone reached 8.56 billion US dollars, accounting for 28.8% of the total. The transaction with “Belt and Road” countries totaled 10.63 billion dollars, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%, accounting for 35.8% of the total.

Xu also introduced that in this session, the Canton Fair extended service and function of the event and give full play to its role of a comprehensive platform, thus support exhibitors to explore and diversify international market and develop foreign trade advantages.

Firstly, provide new impetus to quality growth of foreign trade. The exhibition size and major exhibiting groups remained stable. We’ve stuck to the principle of “innovative, specialized, targeted and delicate”, launched global promotion and buyer invitation in a targeted manner, and ensured the quality of buyers and diversified buyer origin. We saw a large attendance of 82375 new buyers, an increase of 0.64% and accounting for 42.15% of the total; which helps exhibitors meet new customers and expand overseas presence. For some exhibitors, over 80% of customers are met at the Canton Fair and more than 70% of orders came through the Fair. Exhibitors have accelerated innovation and quality improvement, kept investing in technology and R&D, product innovation and branding, and brought more and more high-tech, high quality and high value added products and self-owned brands. Despite the diversified export channels nowadays, Canton Fair remains as the most important channel for Chinese companies and products to develop global market. Canton Fair’s role of facilitating exhibitors to build global marketing network and develop diversified markets is irreplaceable; it is a stabilizing force for foreign trade development, especially for stabilizing and expanding export. 110 design institutes participated in the fair and provided promotion and design service for 18040 companies /times. 300 exhibitors and 500 products have participated in the selection of 2019 CF Awards, many of whom are leading companies of their industries. The previous Awards winners have attracted wide attention; the CF Awards display hall receives 2300 visitors daily.

Secondly bring more Chinese opportunities for overseas exhibitors. The International Pavilion in this session has attracted 650 exhibiting companies from 38 countries and regions; many overseas industry leading exhibitors have participated with high-end, intelligent and environmentally friendly products which meet the demands of the Chinese market. According to overseas exhibitors, the Canton Fair International Pavilion is a “fast track” to develop the Chinese market, and they have met many Chinese customers, reached cooperation content with Chinese companies and built long term partnership.

Thirdly, promote opening up of localities. At this event we’ve organized 8 regional industrial clusters of 6 provinces and cities to participate and displayed men’s and women’s wear, sport and leisure clothes, carpet and tapestry, fashion accessories and fitting in “industrial cluster street”. We’ve provided space for 27 foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases and regional industrial bases for their achievements and feature products. Also we’ve organized 74 promotion events and trade matchmaking activities for 39 provinces and cities. We encouraged local featured industries, companies and brands to go global. These efforts have promoted the development of open regional economy and received great appraisal from these localities, exhibitors and buyers.

Fourthly, enrich the content of conferences and forums. We held 128 conferences and forums, including 26 thematic forums during the exhibition, covering fields such as regional market, foreign trade situation, global bulk commodities, supply chain and distribution, fashion and trend, etc; a total sum of over 3000 audiences attended these forums. Canton Fair forums combined the current trend and industrial development and brought forward high-end information with insight and strategic value for companies as well as pragmatic solutions, creating an open platform for international exchanges and sustainable trade cooperation.

Xu stated we continue to advance “Smart Canton Fair” to provide intelligent services for exhibitors and buyers before, during and after the show; our intelligent services have been further improved. As a direct data display and smart service, the Canton Fair big data board displays data of public interest, shows Canton Fair in all aspects. Therefore we have strengthened its regulations on booth usage, dealt with 22 companies in violation of such regulations. By disqualifying exhibitors, deducting the number of general booths of the trading delegation that the violating exhibitor is in, disqualifying this trading delegation for being commended, and publishing the result of such punishment on Canton Fair Bulletin, we’ve maintained the quality and negotiating order of Canton Fair. We’ve also established the concept of secure development. According to the multi-pronged approach of security ensured by people, technology and objects, we’ve strengthened coordination of security forces of our own and those out-sourced, bettered many kinds of emergency precaution plans, implemented security measures, improved security related technology, established a comprehensive security and precaution system, and strived to guarantee security with stricter requirements, higher standards and more solid measures. This session was held smoothly and securely, with no incidents of criminal or public order cases, terrorist attack, fire, food poisoning, major epidemic, or traffic congestion. We created a secure and comfortable environment for customers from home and abroad to negotiate and achieve orders. Xu added.

Editor: Georgina Yan