Tuesday 27 Jun, 2017
Stephen Phillips, CEO, China Britain Business Council
I think the biggest thing that has changed in the last few years is the surge of Chinese investment.
The CBBC has evolved. It is no longer just about getting British companies to do business in China. It is now about getting British and Chinese companies to do business together in China and the UK, or in any other third country.
The range of work we do goes from policy right down to the nitty-gritty of how you do it, where you do it and who you do it with
We get a little frustrated on the fixation on percentage growth which does impact on confidence. But what’s really important is that there is a large economy in China with more wealthy Chinese consumers and innovative Chinese companies
Obviously there are many, many companies in the supply chain for a nuclear power plant that will benefit from building such a large capital project
I think we’ll see more and more Chinese investment coming into that critical national infrastructure sectors
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