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Using Words and Brush Strokes to Explore Nature Beauty in Humanity and Grow up with Dream

An exclusive interview with the renowned British Chinese artist Zhang Huaicun By Jian Sun During the record-breaking sweltering heatwaves this summer, my discovery of “Huaicun’s World” provided a wondrous breath of fresh air. Zhang Huaicun is a visionary with a wise soul and a perceptive eye.  There are few artists who can claim mastery of […]
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Rediscover China in the UK

Rediscover China in the UK Lecture Series “London’s Collection of Chinese Classics” has been hold via online on last Thursday 9th of June The keynote speaker Dr Frances Wood is a Librarian, Sinologue Historian and Former Head of the Chinese Collection at British Library. She used to study Chinese at Newnham College, Cambridge University during1967 […]
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First Post-Pandemic China-UK Co-production Film UNTAMED wrapped the UK shoot

UNTAMED, an official co-production film between China’s Juben Pictures and UK’s Sinner Films recently completed filming in the UK at the Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, England. The film is the first official China-UK co-production project that has started shooting since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. On October 22nd, the China National Tourist Office, London (CNTO […]
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