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The African Development Bank Investment Arm, is a powerful change agent for developing infrastructure in Africa. Apart from investors, how else can businesses in Africa, African governments, change agents, and Africans in the Diaspora best support the goals of Africa50 and their partners?

Posted by Businesses in Africa on Monday, 7th August 2017

Hello and welcome to Africa 50Infratruct a dynamic concept designed to accelerate infrastructure investments in Africa. My name is Jan ping Sun, PRC Journalist and Special Project Director at Corporate Africa. As you know the Africa development Bank has created Africa50, an Investment Bank for Infrastructure in Africa. Africa 50 will invest in high-impact national and regional projects in the energy, transport, ICT and water sectors. It plans to raise money and reduce the time it takes to commence building and completing infrastructure projects.

Africa 50Infrastruct is an infrastructure development platform. It is a partnership between Businesses in Africa and Corporate Africa to connect the Africa Diaspora, business communities, investors and financiers targeting infrastructure in the areas of infrastructure favoured by Africa 50 Infrastructure. We are especially reaching out to investors from China and Asia who would like to partner businesses and governments in Africa on wide-scale infrastructure projects. We are also seeking equity, debt and other project financiers to join our network.

Companies and the Africa Diaspora are called to join our platform and begin a global conversation about creating change in infrastructure across Africa. We want change to build the infrastructure that is necessary for Africa to become self- sufficient; change to create abundant opportunities and lead the world into an era of growth and prosperity never experienced before. Join the conversation today and share and contribute to the intelligence and feedback from stakeholders and beneficiaries to create the infrastructure culture and environment required to fuel and realize Africa 50 and Africa’s infrastructure goals.

You can also bond with Africa 50 through Africa 50Infrastruct. We are also seeking sponsors and advertisers on this infrastructure intelligence platform. You will benefit from an APP that connects you to potential partners and customers who are happy to disclose the business and services they are seeking, cities where they are located, and date when they expect to make investments.

We believe that you are just as passionate about change as we are, and that you could become an excellent change agent to accelerate the growth of infrastructure across Africa. So we ask that you subscribe today and help to fashion the change and finance that Africa needs to acquire its infrastructure goals. Exploit also the many benefits we offer including print copies of Africa 50Infrastruct which are distributed at major exhibitions like Offshore West Africa, Power Africa, ITU World Telecom, and Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Africa.

Thank you and I would like to say again: Maybe you are just as passionate as I am about developing infrastructure in Africa. So please subscribe today and email or telephone me at Corporate Africa for more information. I will be waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

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