China builds new glass bridge over a 590 ft drop which boasts dramatic special effects including ’cracked’ floor panels and ’flying dragons’

Don’t look down! It’s a transparent walkway at 590ft high that boasts dramatic special effects

Posted by Jian Ping Sun on Thursday, 21st December 2017

China is bringing its well-loved glass-bottomed bridges to a new height. A scenic spot in eastern China is opening the nation’s first transparent walkway with special effects. Situated on the lush mountains of Wuhu, Anhui Province, the see-through floor panels could appear to shatter when tourists stand on them.

In addition, two dragon statues on top of the 590-foot-high bridge could produce smoke, which makes the mythological creatures seemingly fly through the clouds.

The 1,272-foot-long ’Flying-dragon Glass Bridge’ is set to open on December 23 in Anhui, eastern China. The glass bridge of builders have used special see-through panels which would appear to shatter when visitors walk on them.

Dragon statues have been installed on the bridge which would emit smoke to make them look like flying

Flying-dragon Glass Bridge is located in the Ma Ren Qi Feng Scenic Spot outside of Wuhu city. The company said the bridge has passed safety checks from the authority

Next to the ’Flying-dragon Glass Bridge’, another glass-bottomed walkway has been built on the side of a cliff face. Tourists need to go through the cliff-side passageway to reach the thrilling bridge.

A spokesperson from the Ma Ren Qi Feng Scenic Spot said the bridge consists of 124 glass panels and can bear a maximum weight of 50 tonnes.

It can hold as many as 600 people at the same time, but the scenic spot has put a cap of 300 tourists at any one time, said the spokesperson.

The shattered glass turned out to be a special effect installed by the management to make visitors’ journey more exciting. The scenic spot of the Managing Director Mr Yu Naiping claimed they will require the maintenance workers inspect the glass floor daily to ensure safety.

Editor: Judy Zhu

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