The Olympia Grand recently welcomed the return of AI & Big Data Expo Global 2019, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition to London in late April

Many of the industry’s leading decision makers, developers & designers attended the Expo to discuss technology and strategies for the future of artificial intelligence and big data. They met with forward-thinking start-ups, market leaders and AI & Big Data evangelists to explore and debate the impact of the latest industry advancements within enterprise & consumer sectors.

Topics featured included edge computing, loT connectivity solutions, industry 4.0 &5.0, facilities management, smart meter & smart grids, process automation, smart city infrastructure, asset monitoring & management, cloud and cyber security. The Expo also facilitated discussion of development platforms and digital transformation opportunities. Visitors, exhibitors and speakers were all impressed by the magnitude of the latest achievements in the industry and inspired by the potential of future goals.

As the phenomenon of AI continues to excite mainstream media and entice a global audience, the Expo’s featured speakers shared their insight into what exactly AI means and how it could change your life in the nearby future.

Ian Tinney, a renowned entrepreneur from Gemini Enterprise Company, described how some are proclaiming AI as “the 4th Industrial Revolution (industry 4.0) due to how large its impact is expected to be. Yet you rarely hear companies shouting about their successful AI initiatives and even organizations who say they are using AI are often not getting tangible benefits…So what are the barriers to success with AI? It’s about infrastructure, data availability and replication.”

Ian explained how he and his colleagues took a different approach to the problem. “We already have a great track record of fixing the Infrastructure problems with our Manage solution. We combined this with years of experience around Big Data platforms and cloud offerings and created something new that we call Autonomous Data Cloud (ADC). ADC is at the heart of Gemini Enterprise.

So Gemini Manage takes care of all the Infrastructure needs, choosing the right type of HW for the job and then hosting it so you don’t have to. Gemini Care ensures consistent uptime for the platform, guaranteeing reliability. ADC is our zero-copy data pipeline that converging

data from all of your silos and makes it available for when you need it, whether that’s using SQL, R, Python or your favorite AI technology.”

Another exhibitor, Magic Software, showcased their smart solution FactoryEye industry 4.0. This platform enables manufacturers to gain control all production data and provides predictive alerts to prevent problems before they happen. By providing real-time insight, FactoryEye Industry 4.0 enables users to make live and proactive decisions based on existing infrastructure that will deliver tangible business results with every step. A significant highlight is that it is able to do all this without changing the user’s existing systems and infrastructure.

Russell Adger, technical consultant from Magic spoke to the media about why potential partners should be confident in working with Magic and the potential of great business opportunities. “We are a global company that empowers manufacturers with over 35 years of smart technology experience, 24 regional offices, millions of installations worldwide.”

However, AI is not just about improving industrial management systems. Its relevance is not limited to business; it has an impact on real world scenarios, as highlighted emphatically by Anthony Bartolo from Microsoft during the panel discussion. “The world is changing. Our desire to have information at our fingertips at all times allows us to be more informative of our decisions and selections. Data now resides in the cloud but parking it there is not enough. Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in understanding all this data, but where does one start? Capturing data from the world through IoT is becoming easier, but how do we secure its source? AI is fueling the next wave of transformative innovations that will change the world. Our goal is to empower organizations to apply AI to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, transform products and influence people’s lives in real time, across healthcare, education, environment sectors etc.

Dr Wei Cui, Chief Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning shared their achievement

Dr. Wei Cui, Chief Scientist at Squirrel AI Learning shared their achievements in using AI to make personalized education affordable for every family in China. “All students are different in terms of their learning style and level of content mastery. In the traditional human-teacher-centered instructional setting, students’ different learning needs are hard to fulfill because of the undifferentiated instructions and the teacher’s limited attention availability for each student. Unequal distribution of education resources is a global problem. High-quality education is not accessible to every student due to geographical constraints, limited resources, and it is often unaffordable for many families. Squirrel AI developed an intelligent adaptive learning online system to tackle these problems. It continuously monitors and assesses students’ abilities individually, to detect their weaknesses and identify gaps in their knowledge. This enables students to progress at their own pace. The system offers optimized learning solutions and synchronized tutoring support to maximize learning efficiency in knowledge and skills.”

Squirrel AI Learning has opened over 1700 schools, which are supported by 3,000 teaching staff, in more than 200 cities across more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China. “Squirrel AI Learning will continue to provide personalized tutoring expertise in addition to education solutions to improve learning outcomes for students across China and the world in the future.”

AI and big data are becoming increasingly significant parts for our daily lives; smart technologies are becoming omnipresent. Their benefits will not be without challenges. Are you ready for AI?

Editor: Georgina Yan